Business Growth Strategies for Start-Ups In 2024.


The gradient of value affects the perception, cost, and priority. The world is evolving and various plans and procedures are expected to be in place to keep up with the growing trends in the business world. But for startups, this can be a bit overwhelming and the possibility of building notoriety In a niche may seem very unlikely and almost impossible. However, this article offers the solution to this corporate maze, divulging excellent answers to help startups upscale.

Thus, aiding navigation through this challenge and uncertainty startups face, here are five (5) business strategies for startups in 2024.

1. Collaborations

This is one efficient way for startups to scale and expand their reach. One of the major problems of most startups is funding. With constrained budgets for many small business owners, collaborating with other companies is a great way to access new projects, customers, and markets. Just as it is widely known teamwork makes the dream work.

2. A defined Long-term and short-term goal

Anything that stands on mediocrity cannot stand for long, Hence, a startup without a clearly defined long and short-term goal will be inefficient and feebly accomplish its objectives.

The  richest man in Africa, Mr. Aliko  Dangote whose net worth was estimated to be $16.1 billion by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index stated that it took him 30 years to reach his current position, he further mentioned that “ patience, perseverance, long and short term perspective is key when it comes to wealth creation.”

3. Taking Calculated Risk

The difference between a successful startup that grows to become prominent and another that never leaves its infancy stage is the risk taken. In business, calculated risks must always be taken but the quality of risk that matters, such risk must be calculated and must not be implemented without a thorough strategy and research. This would avert the incurring of losses.

4. Social Media Presence

The world has gone virtual and no one must be left behind. Social Media is a very powerful tool that must not be trivialized or underutilized. The deployment of social media apps is a viable way to promote your business across diverse reach.  By posting consistently, leveraging Instagram features, interacting with other business-minded accounts, creating a signature style, and receiving feedback, any startup will grow tremendously.

5. Resource Allocation

 In order not to waste resources, there must be a clearly mapped out plan for a startup company’s budget. There must be no room for waste. Every startup must ensure that there is a list of what the funds go into this will help them structure their resources accordingly and plan wisely.


The growth of any startup company depends on its collaboration, goals, accountability and responsiveness, social media presence, and major resource allocation, it is not only limited to these but they are the core lifeline of every start-up company to move drastically from unknown to known. At Divulge Gait, we help businesses flourish by developing and implementing business strategies peculiar to your business wants and needs. Book a consultation with any of our experienced consultants here.