Case Studies

- Business Advisory & Capital Management

Case Study for Jerika Limited.

The Client:  A Coffee farm and processing company in Rwanda looking to expand its market share while exploring new territories.

The Problem: Jerika needed high volume off-takers for its product and credit financing to scale up operations to meet increasing market demand.

What we did: We facilitated sales partnerships with credible vendors and strategically positioned them with foreign investors for credit financing by creating and implementing a standard internal process for the client.

- Business & Inventory Management

Case Study for Hakahana LPG

The Client: A leading oil and gas company in Windhoek, Namibia with several service stations at different locations in the country.

The Problem: With plans to expand their market reach, they needed a trusted & consistent supplier of LPG products to meet quality standards and rising demands across the southern African development communities.

What we did: We facilitated the required technical partnership in product procurement and logistics networking.

- Project & Product Management

Case Study for LAWMA

The Client: The Lagos State Waste Management Authority is a parastatal of the Lagos state government that is responsible for the management of solid waste in the state.

The Problem: Due to the lack of proper information and knowledge about proper waste management and its effect on the environment, LAWMA needed to create an agency that will function to educate the public on proper waste management practices as well as create awareness about the various job opportunities in the waste management industry.

What we did: We worked alongside the management of LAWMA to create the LAWMA academy by partnering with the Chartered Institute of Waste Management in the United Kingdom to create the LAWMA Academy e-learning platform which houses educational courses on waste management where students and the general public can have access to specialized courses on waste management and become certified.